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Investing in property has grown in popularity since the recent failure of the UK Pension system: It is trusted by many as the safest and most assured way of generating mid-to-long term capital growth. It is also a fantastic way of earning extra income.

We can help you to find the best solution to match your needs. We know the areas that are most popular and lucrative for landlords; proximity to industry, schools and universities, regeneration projects etc.

Here are some case studies:

North Staffs Housing
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My wife and I recently took early retirement in our mid 50’s , have an adequate pension and have saved all our lives in order to accumulate £200,000 in bonds and shares. We were concerned that as inflation grows and the money markets continue in their uncertainty, we decided to do something about it.

We contacted N.S.H. who have found us 4 really nice houses and taught us how to find suitable tenants and manage them ourselves. Apart from giving us an extra interest to fill our time, we are now earning around £20,000 per year from our money and as with property we feel our savings are more secure than they would otherwise have been

N.S.H. are a very professional company who we feel have always had our interests at heart.

- John B.

Thank You North Staffs Housing!

I’m a self-employed plumber of 52 years of age. My savings/bonds and pension provisions for my future seemed to be reducing through no fault of mine. So my wife and I asked North Staffs Housing to find some suitable houses for us. Over 2 years we have 10 properties averaging about £400 each in monthly rent and they are currently worth more than my purchase prices.

Our income is now about £48,000 per annum for an outlay of around £500,000. Subsequently I have been able to run down my business and concentrate on looking after my property portfolio, enjoying life and can now look forward to a secure future.

Once again, thanks Simon and Rod.

- Gary

Three years ago I wanted to build a moderate portfolio of property in the Stoke-on-Trent area to add to my existing stock of property around the Midlands. After doing the usual thing of trawling the estate agents and auctions with very limited success, I was introduced to N.S.H.

Within a few months I was able to achieve my aims very successfully obtaining the right kinds of houses in good areas for a fair price.

Fair play to Simon and Rob they certainly know what they are doing. I would recommend them to any would-be investor.

- Bridgett